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Jul. 3rd, 2012 12:12 am
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Apparently all of my updates are television updates now.  I have no attention span when it comes to TV shows.  Somehow I ended up watching a ten-minute clip of Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 being generally fabulous.  Babylon 5-watching flist, is this something I can expect on a regular basis if I start watching the show?  I would watch a whole show just of her if she is always this kick-butt and funny and smart.  Or are the other characters as much fun as she is?  Is it best to start at the beginning, or are there seasons/episodes that are more entertaining overall?
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I should have been asleep half an hour ago, so this has gotta be short, but I wanted to post quickly before I get offline.  I just watched the first episode of Game of Thrones!  I am oscillating between fascinated and horrified, which I suspect is the desired reaction?  Does anyone want to give me vague, non-spoilery guidance?  Like how much more disturbing does it get?  Or recs.  Recs would also be good, with spoiler warnings, if you have any favorites laying around.
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I hardly ever watch TV by myself, unless it's Doctor Who.  This week, however, is apparently the week when my friends all try to hook me on shows that will eat up my homework time.  First with the Farscape, and then today one of my friends came over and she was like, "Have you ever seen How I Met Your Mother?" and since I had not, she took it upon herself to educate me.  OH MY GOODNESS.  I know several people, including my little brother, who are very addicted to this show, and now I see why.  It's hilarious, and the characters are really easy to care about.
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I hope you all had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate.  And now, onward!

I thought the DW Christmas Special was disappointing.  Not enough Amy and Rory!  But Eleven was hilarious and adorable, as always (especially when pretending to be a babysitter), and it was kind of cute that Amy and Rory were playing dress up on their honeymoon. ;)  The S6 trailer looks great--I can't wait!

In the department of Christmas presents, my dear little brother got me a sonic screwdriver, haha.  And I got a bunch of iTunes credit--any suggestions for downloads?  My favorite artist right now is Regina Spektor, but I like a lot of folky pop and alternative and some electropop.  

Also, anybody play chess?  I am spectacularly awful at it, but I recently got a account (free!) and would love to play against you lovely people.  Even better if you wanted to play a couple tutorial-type games so I could find out what I'm doing wrong, but I wouldn't expect that of anyone, of course.  They let you set your time limit and they have a chat function.  I'm Mercury_10 over there if you're interested.  :)
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Today I read three books of poetry. Somehow, I feel mainlining that many in one day defies my professor's purposes in assigning them, but whatever.  Anyhow, when I return to college, I will be taking History of Mathematics (3 books plus a textbook), Poetry Workshop (10), and an independent study on C.S. Lewis (5-6), so I really do need to get started now.   That's like, 20 books.  Ouch.  

Which, belatedly, grades!  I got an A in Renaissance Lit, an A- in stats, and a B+ in Linear Algebra.  Man, did I work for that B+.  Linear algebra is one of the classes I dreaded taking the most, worked hardest in, and enjoyed the most in the end.  I am so glad I took it.  I really learned a lot.  

Anyway, I think tonight my dad and I are going to give Leverage a try.  He loves heist movies, so I think from what I've heard of it it may be a good fit.
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 Dear Flist,

I keep hearing about Buffy.  A great many people I know both offline and online enjoy it.  I have steered away from it because I'm not really interested in vampires and the occult elements (spells, etc.) are off-putting to me.  What makes Buffy a good/bad show in your opinion?  Anything you have to offer would be much appreciated. :)

Also, do any of you watch Stargate?  Any series, I suppose.  I know Jewel Staite has been on it, and I do love sci fi.  Would you recommend it?  If so, why and which series?
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1. So I finally got to watch the first episode of Single Father.  I thought it was very well acted, passably entertaining though not particularly gripping, and full of delightful Scottish accents.  It struck me as very slice-of-life--even though it was one of those "serious issue" dramas, it was rather focused on day-to-day life.   

I'll be looking forward to part two.  What did you think of it, dear flist?

2. I watched the miniseries of Battlestar Galactica.  It was terribly long and a bit boring, but I love the characters already.  Starbuck is fantastic, and I love the deck crew people.  I hear it picks up in season one, so that's something to look forward to.  It's a bit dark compared to my usual taste in television, but maybe it'll be an interesting change.

3.  Things are looking good for my independent study.  Got the proposal written up, so I just have to turn that in and hope for the best.  School continues to be school, but I have some odds and ends of time off this week, so maybe it'll be a bit of a break.  I did have a fun weekend.  

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