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Countdown to finals has begun!  If I disappear...I may be studying.  I was supposed to study today, but instead I kind of slept most of the day.  I think it was my punishment for too many days of not sleeping enough/trying to live off coffee and dried fruit and protein drinks. (Sadly, that was actually my attempt at finding food that was not entirely nutritionally vacuous...yeah.  I am kind of the world's worst vegetarian.)

ANYWAY.  If you are not yet Doctor Who friending at [ profile] eve11's friending meme, you should go do that!  And [ profile] gdgdbaby is hosting a holiday love meme.  (My thread is here.)

a link!

Dec. 7th, 2012 07:07 pm
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[ profile] eve11 is running a neat friending meme on her LJ, and you should click the banner below to go participate!
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A Teen comment!ficathon
(click on the picture)

This ficathon is actually getting a lot of traffic (like 12 pages of comments at least, and lots of fills, too) despite LJ's recent lull, and so you should definitely go play!  I wrote a little fill here, which was for the prompt "amy/eleven, if you be my star, i'll be your sky," although as usual when I try to fill Amy/Eleven it has ended up being more conflicted!Amy.  But anyway, go write things, and I am going to sleep now.
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Aaand once again I appear to have fallen off the planet.  I'm actually online a lot, I just don't have all that much to update about.  Anyway, things have been all right.  I survived midterms--my algebraic disaster was averted by a generous grade curve, and I managed an A on my analysis exam.  Today's adventure was that feeling when you think you're finally getting real analysis, and then you open your book and it isn't words.  Apparently my professor has an extremely subtle plan for us that involves spending two days on uniform continuity when the book cares waaaay more about set closure, compactness, and covers.  Or, at least, I hope he does, because the problem set he assigned for this week is looking pretty darn cryptic at this point. :P  

And then there was Visit All The Libraries.  I had to pick up holds at the public library and the school library.  I've been reading a lot of Batman and Bat-family comics, as well as some regular books.  The last comic I read was one I actually bought as opposed to libraried, and it was the 0 issue of the new Batman and Robin.  I must admit that while I am still irritated by the New 52, it was really good.  I am currently reading To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis.  I think some of you guys ([ profile] eve11 for sure) told me I should read Connie Willis a long time ago and I finally took you up on it.

Also: there has been a spate of ficathons lately, so although I have posted nothing lately I have been writing.  If you are interested in this recent commentficcery, here is the linkage.  Erm, I don't know about summaries--the first two were for an autumn-themed ficathon and the other was for an Eleven/Amy ficathon, if that helps.

Amy/Rory, for the prompt footsteps in the fog, smoke on the air
Amy/Rory, for the prompt don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore
Eleven, Amy, Rory, for the prompt I didn't want to know who he was, or what you did, or that it didn't mean anything.

That concludes this update.  *end transmission*

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This is not even really my ship, but I can never resist a good comment ficathon.  If you can't, either, click the banner to see what [ profile] killdarlings and [ profile] northernqueens are running!

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If you're looking for something fun to do and not, like me, hiding from the suddenly never-ending pile of math you ought to be doing, you should check this thing of [ profile] dollsome's out!  It's quite neat.  [ profile] blithers wrote me a really gorgeous little fill in which Amy and Rory pick apples.  I might fill something if I have the time, but like I said, only here because I already took an exam and sketched seven proofs today and I really don't want to touch the rest of the math that's waiting for me just yet.

"I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

an eerie, halloweenish, &/or generally autumnal
comment ficathon
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Hello, all, especially new friends from the friending meme!

Firstly, here is a signal boost.  If you want to cheer a little girl up by telling her why it's okay to like princesses AND robots, go here.

Secondly, here is a fun friending meme:

a friending meme for the bookish


Dec. 4th, 2011 12:39 pm
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[ profile] ityellsback you are a genius for finding this and I will now proceed to spam it all over the world.  I think most of you on my flist like at least one of the following and this has all of them: ladies being awesome, fairy tales, Marina & the Diamonds, diversity.  

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 Here's an article on io9 comparing aspects of A Good Man Goes to War to The Dark Knight.  I thought it was pretty interesting.  (Spoilers abound, of course.)  Thoughts?

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