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I hope you all had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate.  And now, onward!

I thought the DW Christmas Special was disappointing.  Not enough Amy and Rory!  But Eleven was hilarious and adorable, as always (especially when pretending to be a babysitter), and it was kind of cute that Amy and Rory were playing dress up on their honeymoon. ;)  The S6 trailer looks great--I can't wait!

In the department of Christmas presents, my dear little brother got me a sonic screwdriver, haha.  And I got a bunch of iTunes credit--any suggestions for downloads?  My favorite artist right now is Regina Spektor, but I like a lot of folky pop and alternative and some electropop.  

Also, anybody play chess?  I am spectacularly awful at it, but I recently got a account (free!) and would love to play against you lovely people.  Even better if you wanted to play a couple tutorial-type games so I could find out what I'm doing wrong, but I wouldn't expect that of anyone, of course.  They let you set your time limit and they have a chat function.  I'm Mercury_10 over there if you're interested.  :)

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