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I've finally caught up on Sherlock!  (no spoilers).  The finale was brilliant.  I know there's a lot of good Sherlock fic--does anyone have recommendations for short to medium-length stories?  I'm especially fond of Irene and Molly.  Molly and John watching out for/taking care of/commiserating with each other would be splendid.  Also, I now really want crossover fic of Rory and Molly.  Does that exist?  Please tell me it exists.  

In other news...nothing very exciting has happened lately.  I'm reading Good Omens and enjoying it quite a lot.  I've also made an account on in an attempt to keep up with writing now that I'm out of school.  
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So I have finally started catching up on Sherlock and am now through 2.1.  Irene Adler is my new favorite person.  I feel like I have missed all the fic/icons/vids/graphics/etc. by being late to the party, so would anyone care to rec me?  I'm not too worried about spoilers for the rest of Season 2, but I pretty much don't read fic that's longer than 10k words.

P.S. If you know where to find an icon that says "Brainy is the new sexy," you'd kinda be my hero. :P

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