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First final down, two more to go.  I wouldn't say it went well, but it also didn't go poorly, and all it really had to do was not be a disaster.  I think I just needed to pass it, really.  Or get a C on it if I wanted an A in the class.  Anyway, no more epsilon-delta proofs for a while, which is good.  Ugh, that algebra final, though, I can't even think about it.  I still have time to study, I still have time to study, I still have time to study....

In cheerier news, my fandom stocking is up.  I think I may have most of yours already (at least those that have already been posted), but if not, link away. :)

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Everyone keeps telling me it is NO GOOD that I never finished RTD Who, and especially that I never watched any Ninth Doctor episodes.  So last night, [ profile] light_frost and I watched "Rose" and "The End of the World."  (Since we don't live in the same state, this really means we were on GChat while we were watching them.  She had seen them before, incidentally.)  

Man, I thought Ten was sad, but Nine goes and hangs out at, like, the launching of the Titanic, and his idea of an impressive vacation is taking Rose to see the world blow up.  Rose and Mickey were cute, even though they seemed like they were kind of talking past each other most of the time.  And they looked so young!  Also, weirdly, the special effects were super cheesy, but "Rose" was a much creepier episode to me than many more straightforwardly creepy episodes.  I am not sure if I am more susceptible to cheesy-scary than proper-scary, or if I am just getting more susceptible to being scared by Doctor Who in general. :P

Also in fannish news, I have been trying to get in some more library comics-reading before finals/winter break, so I just finished Robin: Year One, Batgirl: Death Wish, and Batgirl: Year One.  Which, Batgirl: Year One was amazing, and pretty much everything I would want from a comic.  The art was magical, and I really liked the story and how Babs and Dick were written.  It has a lot of mythology references, and allusions to Barbara's future as Oracle and such, and other cool stuff.  It makes me so sad that it's out of print. :(

Did everybody see that [ profile] fandom_stocking moved to DreamWidth this year?  I haven't finished making my stocking yet, but I am very excited to do so.  Who all is participating?  I want to know where your stockings are. :D
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I did [ profile] fandom_stocking again this year and it was quite fun.  Thanks to everyone who helped fill my stocking!  I wrote three ficlets, so I thought I'd repost them here since I haven't posted fic in forever.

For [ profile] karate0kat, I wrote this Martha/Mickey ficlet:
1. )

For [ profile] sahiya, I wrote Eleven/River h/c:
2. )

And for [ profile] eponymous_rose, I wrote a Doctor Who + TNG not-quite-crossover, featuring Rory, Amy, and Doctor Crusher:
3. )

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Hello, flist!  If any of you are doing [ profile] fandom_stocking, drop me a link to your stocking in the comments!  My stocking is here, if anyone's interested. :)

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