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Via [ profile] elisi: it appears the recent LJ modifications may not be as disastrous as they first appeared?  As summarized here, there will be some customizability, including the ability to switch off infinite scroll (thank goodness).  Also, paid accounts aren't really going away--if you have one, you'll still have one, it looks like, and if you don't have one yet, you'll be able to just buy the features you want, instead of a bundle.  If you have a paid account when that happens, it looks like you may also get some special privileges?

So that's good.  I think?  I hope.

In other news: I am very excited to get my Yuletide assignment, I don't understand permutation groups so I expect that at least one of the proofs I wrote up for my homework makes no sense (oh well), and I have once again gotten overly ambitious with the borrowing of library books and comics. (Batgirl!  Batman!  The Great Gatsby!  Wait, what?  Who thought it was a good idea to give me library cards?) 

Oh!  And I started poking at the nearly-infinite Doctor Who backlog.  I started watching in 2010, so I've seen all of Moffat Who, somewhere between half and two thirds of RTD Who, and two Fourth Doctor serials.  But I read Classic and Multi-era fanfic sometimes, and I was on an Ace/Hex fanfic binge the other day, and I thought, hmm, maybe I should, you know, actually watch some Seven-era.  So I watched Ghost Light, and I didn't understand a lick of the plot, but it was fun and spooky and Seven was great.  He is much calmer than the Doctors I am used to, and also very scary when he wants to be.  And Ace!  She was actually less big and tough, somehow, than I expected her to be, but she seems like a good companion.  Although--were the TV acting guidelines different in the 80s?  It seemed a bit melodramatic to me.  But the school library had Remembrance of the Daleks, so that's on my desk, waiting and hoping for my legendarily poor TV attention span to return to it. :P

LJ Glitch?

Jul. 16th, 2012 07:48 pm
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Is anyone else having userpic problems?  I am having trouble getting LJ to let me pick an icon to post with.  It keeps forcing me to select either my default or one specific icon.  It mostly seems to be happening in journals with the new comment pages, as I could select my icon to post this without any issues....

LJ glitch?

Aug. 8th, 2011 04:04 pm
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 I know LJ is still having some problems re: the epic crash of two weeks ago.  Right now, the problem I'm having is that I can't edit or delete memories, and it seems to have been going for a while, because I could have sworn that some of my memories had been moved or deleted and are back again.  Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?
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I'm set up on Dreamwidth now, thanks to an invite code from [personal profile] kaffyr. We'll see how I like it over here.

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