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Last night I had a dream that I was presented with a multiple-choice question.  The first three answers were about Rory.  The fourth answer was about both Rory and Martha.  The fifth answer was about overloading the constructor method while programming in C++.  Well, I guess my subconscious looks...pretty much how you would expect it to.

Also, I don't think I've mentioned this, but one of my best friends is getting married later in the month!  I finally got to see my bridesmaid dress since it got shipped to my parents' house.  It's floor-length with short sleeves and it's sage green.  I think it's taffeta or some such?  I am not usually much for girly things but I did a little happy dance on the inside when I saw it, because it does really look kind of princess-y, but very moderately so.  Also it makes me think of the green dress Belle wears in Beauty and the Beast when she gets her library.  I have a lot of feelings about that scene, okay? :P

And I got ~400 words done on my [ profile] yuletide fic.  Which I think I said once before, but I have started over twice since then.  I think this draft might actually be workable.  I tried changing the POV and it helped a lot.  

Also, if you are bored and looking for things to read, I have a couple of recs!

[personal profile] kass has been writing a bunch of light- and holiday-themed stuff for Chanukah, including this Firefly ficlet and this Eleven + Ponds ficlet, both of which are adorable and very sweet.

For more Doctor Who, [ profile] lonewytch has "All Follow This and Come to Dust," which is absolutely gorgeous and perfect down to the details.

Everyone likes Calvin & Hobbes, right?  So maybe you have heard about the story where Calvin is roommates with Jason from Foxtrot.  It is pretty famous.  That is not what I am here to talk about, though.  If I told you that there now exists a story where Russell (the little boy from Up) is Calvin's college roommate, would you be so excited?  You should be so excited.  [ profile] rumpledlinen wrote it for me in the multifandom unusual request ficathon [ profile] portions_forfox is holding.  The story is here.  It is about the pains of growing up and how the people you love in all different ways help you through it and it is super sweet.  Uh, I guess I should warn that there are mentions of offscreen death-in-the-family sorts of things, if that is a thing you are avoiding.

And now...I feel like I should have a conclusion, but I do not.  

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