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Hello!  Thank you so much for offering to write fic for me!  You are awesome.  :D

This is my first time doing Yuletide, so I hope I've got everything all together sensibly.  Here goes!

First, a few general things:

-Here's a link to my AO3 account.  You can see fic I've written and fic I've bookmarked, if either of those are things that would be helpful to you.
-Things I would prefer not to get in my Yuletide fic: straight-up porn, underage sex (explicit or implied), non- or dub-con, bestiality, extreme violence/gore, deathfic or suicide (other characters dealing with canonical character death is okay), horror, dark/unhappy endings (ambiguous or tough is okay, but nothing too gloomy, please)
-Things I generally like, although these are totally flexible: canon shipping or gen fic, light angst, some fluff (not pure fluff, but I do like snuggling), meta elements in fic, h/c, characters pushing through hard times, hope, literary references, lyrical prose, math/science references
-I don't really like holiday fic, but winter fic would be just fine.  On that subject, The Atheist Christmas Carol, by Vienna Teng, is one of my favorite songs, and I think it would make a lovely inspiration for any fandom.

And now, by fandom (partially cut-and-pasted from my "optional details")

Fandom: Batgirl
Characters: Barbara Gordon, Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Beryl Hutchinson
Details: I prefer character-driven to plot-driven stories. These characters are all lovely people who have fought hard, both in their personal and heroic lives, to get where they are and to not fall into dark places. I like stories about hope and light, about persevering when it seems impossible. I also like stories about caring for people and being taken care of. If you wrote me something a little bit angsty and a little bit fluffy (possibly with a little bit of h/c), I would be a very happy camper.

If you're into crossovers or AUs, maybe take a look at my Red Riding Hood request? There's some neat Girl Wonder stuff there that might be fun to do with Steph as like an AU or thematic crossover, since she was a Girl Wonder herself.

Also?  I just really like Beryl, and there is definitely not enough fic with her in it.  I mean, I like all of them, but if you could sneak her in, total bonus points. Which, while I'm on that subject, I don't necessarily need all the characters I requested, and if you want to put in characters I didn't request, go for it!  But I'm most familiar with Batman and Bat-Family characters, jsyk.

This is really random, but I have been thinking lately about this line from a Slow Club song that strikes me as very appropriate for the Bat-Family: and all our most brilliant friends are doubting themselves.

Fandom: Austin & Murray-O'Keefe families (L'Engle)
Characters: Vicky Austin, Rob Austin, Adam Eddington, Meg Murray-O'Keefe
Details: I am not asking for all these characters so much as any of them, and you are welcome to include any other L'Engle characters you like. I think I'd like something that sticks more towards the source material than toward fanfiction tropes--by that I don't mean you need to imitate L'Engle, just that I'm not really looking for genderswap, schmoop, fluff, etc. in this fandom. Like I said above, I like stories about light and hope and pushing on through hard times.  I would love to see some math/science or literary references.  My favorite L'Engle book is A Ring of Endless Light.  I also really like the ocean.  This is all really random.  I guess I just mean to say: these are all things I like, take them and run wherever you like.  (As I mentioned before, I think Vienna Teng would be a good inspiration, if you need more of a push than that. :P)

The exception to the fanfiction-y thing is this (spoilers for Doctor Who Series 7): Amy and Rory are probably old and still living in NYC around the time the Austins move there temporarily, and if you wanted to write me crossover fic where Vicky and Rob (and the others, if you like) met the Williams-Ponds, you would kind of be my hero.  But by no means feel obligated.

Fandom: Rotkäppchen/Little Red Riding Hood
Characters: Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf
Details: I'd take just about anything for this fandom--straightforward retellings, revisionist spins, genderswap variants, etc. I think this essay by Genevieve Valentine hits on a lot of the things I'm interested in--the inherent danger and strangeness in the relationship between Red and the Wolf. If you could do something with the idea of the Girl Wonder and the Tame Wolf, you'd be a little bit my hero.

(Trigger Warning: the essay does discuss some disturbing things, such as a literal reading of the wolf luring the girl off the path, i.e. the child predator. If that would upset you, don't read it, and I don't want anything quite that creepy anyway.)

Okay, now here's the link.  I'm not really looking for anything that literal, and certainly not any non-con or child abuse, just something playing with the ideas of the girl who tames the wolf--who approaches someone dangerous and not only lives to tell the tale, but is the hero of that story.

If you're into crossovers, one of my other fandoms is Batgirl, and Steph Brown was Robin before she was Batgirl, so she was a Girl Wonder, too. That could be fun--like a thematic crossover or AU kind of thing?

Another thing that might be interesting would be a genderswap, either with a female Wolf and a male Red, or with both as female characters.  

Fandom: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Characters: You, the Women, J. Alfred Prufrock
Details: Again, I don't need all the characters, necessarily.  The more meta, lyrical, or literary, the better, although it needn't be poetry. I'm especially interested in the Women--who they are, why they are so fond of art, and whether they really spend as much time thinking about J. Alfred as he does thinking about them. Or You--tell me about You. Really, I've loved this poem since I was in the ninth grade and I didn't understand a lick of it--I made up a story to explain it to myself, and it was all about people in a hospital, so yeah, I was way off--so I'm really interested in whatever your take on it is.

And I think that is that!  Oh man, I'm so excited!  Thank you again!

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