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Hello, flist!  I hope your October is off to a good start.  Mine started off with an exam grade getting raised from a D+ to a B, so that was ever so nice!  I do have more exams approaching, so I guess I'll be a little swamped by the end of the week.  But not too badly, I hope, and I expect I'll be around, lurking if not posting.  

Things have been a little bit crazy in fandom-land, since Angels aired this weekend (still crying, btw, but the good kind, I think?)  I sort of posted a bunch of Whoish things all at once, so to recap:

- If you missed it and would like to read, there was domestic Amy/Rory fic, pre-finale, no spoilers
- If you saw the finale and want to hop around and have feels, I have a reaction post
- If you want to prompt/read/write Amy/Rory fic, the Amy/Rory Cheer-Up Comment-A-Thon that I am hosting with [ profile] sarah531 is still going on!  We've got lots of prompts and have had several fills already, so you should definitely go take a peek. :)

And now, for an incomplete list of things you should GO READ NOW:

- If you want high-concept pre-AotD Oswin-centric sci-fi, read this by [ profile] parachute_silks
- If you want lovely and bittersweet "The Power of Three" Pond-Williams family bonding, [ profile] honeynoir wrote this
- If you want to see Eleven adorably visiting Craig and Sophie and not-so-small-anymore Stormageddon, [ profile] eve11 has it covered
- If you want Eleven/River mathfic that is very thoughtful and slightly heartbreaking, [ profile] eve11 has that, too
- If you want really sweet and nostalgic Amy/Rory that also happens to be an extremely clever folk band AU, [ profile] paperclipbitch is on it
- And this is EVERYTHING I wanted for Amy and Rory post-finale, I kid you not, and it is my headcanon until Moffat comes up with something better.  It just feels so real and it gets the hard bits and the sad bits and the lovely bits and the adventures to come all wrapped up so well and you should GO READ IT RIGHT AWAY WHY ARE YOU NOT THERE RIGHT NOW?  Oh, because I forgot to give you the link.  It is over here at the AO3, courtesy of alpacas  

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