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Just got back from seeing The Amazing Spider-Man.  Ahhhh all the happy feels.  Spider-Man was pretty much my first big super hero when I was a kid, and I had a huge crush on him in middle school.  Okay, well, partially Tobey Maguire, but also Spider-Man in general.  My brother and I were pretty into reading the original comics for a while, too.  So now I can't tell if The Amazing Spider-Man was actually a good movie or not because my inner twelve-year-old is too busy hopping up and down with glee.

Things that made me happy:

-Peter doing science!  And not just pretend science where he pokes at something while wearing glasses and OOH MAGIC NOW HE HAS A NEW TOOL, but internet-searching and reading textbooks and playing with equations and wiring circuits.  Although I must confess I was momentarily distracted by an equation that appeared to contain log(exp(something)).  Because generally those cancel each other out....

-Gwen doing science!  She works in the lab and clearly knows what she's doing, and Peter needs her help and she gets to go to the lab and be very self-possessed for someone hiding from the Lizard, and she thinks of things like holding the flame near the smoke detector and making a makeshift blowtorch with an aerosol spray can.

-Relatedly, Gwen kicking tail!  I love that she tries to take down the Lizard with a trophy from the hall.  And when Peter tries to stay away from her like he promised her father, she confronts him and calls him on it.  I was pretty skeptical when he made the promise--oh, the helpless damsel needs men to make decisions about her safety, we've totally never seen that one before--so I'm quite pleased that Gwen figures it out and is also unimpressed.

-The part where he throws her out the window!  So cute, and a nice nod to the original comics.  I was a little worried she was going to die there!

-Stan Lee as the oblivious headphones guy during the fight in the library. :D

-Peter Parker is the most adorkable.  He's so awkward and nerdy and not very good at having a conversation without tripping over himself.  

-For once, a movie in which the super hero being beaten up actually, you know, has an effect.  At least a little bit.  It's always sort of silly when they get thrown from rooftops and kicked in the ribs and knocked over the head and then get up, totally fine, not even a scratch.  Plus it gives opportunities for the fluffy sort of moments like when he limps over to Gwen's apartment and she takes care of him.  Awww.

-The dialogue between Gwen and her dad when she is hiding Peter in her room is also hilarious.  She says she is too old for cocoa, and her dad cites her fantasy of living in a house of chocolate, which is totally something an adorkable teenager would say.  Okay, Gwen is also the most adorkable.

-They just really did an awesome job with the characters in general.  Peter and Gwen are really believable as nerdy high school students.  The way they portrayed Peter in particular reminds me a lot of my brother or one of my geeky guy friends.  And Gwen is not a helpless princess or anything like that!  

-I really really want fic where in 10-15 years Gwen is an amazing scientist and Peter has gotten really good at being Spider-Man, and they are New York's most adorkable power couple.  Where have they hidden all the new Spider-Man fic?  The AO3 has, like, less than 20 stories for the new movie, and, like, half of them are Avengers crossover fics.  School didn't get out until the beginning of June so I kind of missed the boat on The Avengers.

-And I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight returns.  I can't wait to see Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.  The part where she flips through the window backwards while wearing classy pearls was super impressive.  Plus, Batman is my other favorite superhero. 



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