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I finished studying for my CS exam and was derping around on the internet before I went to bed, and, uh, I guess I should not be allowed to write my posts in straight HTML ever again.  Because I happened to look at a story I posted last week and found about a bajillion and a half formatting errors, most of which seem to have come from when I edited the post to have the HTML done manually, which was in itself a bad choice related to needing to fix some other non-HTML things but doing so in Word and then needing to preserve formatting....gah.  

Also, I hate how LJ converts line spacing, and these new cuts are potentially useful but confusing.

I think everything is all fixed now, but if something looks weird, or you ever find a typo or a line error, please tell me, and sorry if you read the crappy version.  *headdesk*  I hate line space errors because they make it look like I don't understand how paragraphs work, when in fact I do.  I just suck at HTML.  

It's like 1am, and I am rambling, so I should probably shut up and go to sleep now.  So I can, you know, pass that exam, which is not until the afternoon, but still.  Should it tell me something that I am having HTML woes the night before a computer science exam?  Probably not...HTML is markup and not, I think, particularly related to programming in C++.  Oh my goodness, I really need to stop and just go to bed.  *flops over*

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